designed by oppo
Artist Wallpaper Project

Snap beautiful

photos with

just one tap

Our enhanced algorithms

enable you to take photos

like a pro effortlessly.

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Camera and photo

Instantly create

and share videos

A smart short video editor that lets

you vlog like a pro.

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Get clear

document photos

with every shot

Say goodbye to blurred document photos.

Text Scanner lets you sharpen the text in

your photos with just a tap.

Print files using

your phone

No computer or apps necessary. ColorOS 7.1

comes with a built-in print service that

supports more than 2,000 printer models.

Images and PDF files are supported.

Better privacy

in Multi-User Mode

We optimized Multi-User Mode to help you better

separate work and life on your phone and protect

your privacy when sharing your phone with other

users. Users using the same app cannot view or

change other users' app data.

*This function is available only on ColorOS 7.1 and later.
*Printers that support the Mopria Print Service
can be used. (This feature is also available on
old phone models upgraded to ColorOS 7.1.)
Text Scanner
Smoother, lag-free gaming

The speed at which you can perform actions can mean the difference between victory and

defeat. We've improved the touch experience dramatically, reducing the average response

time for screen touches by up to 35%. Game load is monitored to detect lag in advance,

which results in an improved frame rate and makes games feel more responsive.

Game developers can connect to the OPPO Engine, allowing them to optimize specific game

scenarios by reallocating system resources as needed. Scenarios can be loaded faster,

improving game performance by up to 20%.

A more immersive

gaming experience

Game Space just got better. We added a startup splash screen

and a transition animation that supports 4D vibration to make

the interface more immersive and interactive. We also reduced

network delays to make interaction smoother.

Game space
Fast and steady
  • Private Safe

    Secure your



    Turn your phone into a mobile vault.

    Secure photos, audios, and other files you

    deem sensitive in the Private Safe. For

    further security, screenshots cannot be

    taken while Private Safe is being used.

  • App Lock

    Lock your

    apps for

    peace of mind

    Keep your information safe by

    encrypting important apps with a

    password that only you know.

  • Digital


    Kick smartphone

    addiction to the curb

    Get a glimpse into your digital habits. See

    your screen time and most-used apps all in

    one place to better track your mobile phone


    You can also set daily time limits for your

    apps to prevent yourself from becoming

    addicted to your phone.

  • Download

    Clone Phone

    A fast and efficient way to migrate your data

    Simply scan a QR code to start migrating

    your data to a new phone, without the need

    for a data cable. Your transmission progress

    and which data has been transmitted will be

    displayed clearly for easy viewing. In

    addition, the whole process is encrypted to

    guarantee the security of your data.

  • Smart Sidebar

    Get quick access to

    the apps you need

    Smart Sidebar is your own onscreen drawer

    in which you can store and quickly access all

    the apps you need. The upgraded floating

    window supports more apps and is more

    convenient to use. In addition, entering Split

    Screen now takes just two steps: slide your

    finger to bring out the sidebar, and then

    drag out the app you want to use.

  • Smart Assistant

    Everything you need

    on one screen

    View all kinds of essential information

    n one place. Step counts, events, popular

    apps, and more can all be found in the Smart

    Assistant. Sports fans have even more reason

    to celebrate. The Games card provides you

    up-to-date scores and information for soccer

    and cricket matches so you'll never miss out

    on the big plays.

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2. Product interface content (including but not limited to UI, background) displayed on the full site are provided for reference only. Actual function relies on software versions, whose launching time and geographic area may vary. All content and function are subject to the actual usage.

3.We would keep consistence efforts in developing products function, consequently, product interface content (including but not limited to UI, background), function feature, performance data displayed on the full site may changes, ColorOS may updates all contents displayed from time to time. Any aforementioned change and adjustment would occur without any special notice.

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Lightweight design

In the pursuit of a lightweight visual language, we have further simplified the operating interface, enabling users to focus on core functions.

The title bar is more reasonably laid out and easier to operate, creating more unified interaction logic.

infinite design
Lightweight icons

A picture-perfect Home screen is ready to greet you each time you unlock your phone. Third-party app icons have been redesigned to conform with our overall Home screen aesthetic. You can also choose between different icon styles and customize their size and shape.

Customized icon